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Most Famous - Church of Saint John the Theologian

Saint John the Theologian, Kaneo (Macedonian: Свети Јован Канео, Latin: Sveti Jovan Kaneo) or simply Saint John at Kaneo is a Macedonian Orthodox church situated on the cliff over Kaneo Beach overlooking Lake Ohrid in the city of Ohrid, North Macedonia. The church is dedicated to John of Patmos, the writer of Revelation, who has been by some considered to be the same person as John the Apostle. The construction date of the church remains unknown, but documents detailing the church property suggest that it was built before the year 1447. Archaeologists believe that the church was constructed some time before the rise of the Ottoman Empire, very likely in the 13th century. Restoration work in 1964 led to the discovery of frescoes in its dome.


Samuel's Fortress

Ohrid fortress, the symbol of the city without which its urban physiognomy and history can not be imagined, is one of the largest medieval fortification constructions in Macedonia. With its ramparts and fortified towers, the fortress occupies the entire Ohrid hill which rises to 100 meters above the level of the lake. From all sides, except for the southern, which is facing the lake, the city is being protected by high walls and defensive towers in the length of about three kilometers which is spreading all up to the Ohrid port. The height of the ramparts vary from 3 to 16 meters, depending on the configuration and accessibility of the terrain. 
In the oldest sources, of Polybius, in which for the first time is mentioned the antique name of the Ohrid Lake, it is pointed that in the first military action in this region, the Macedonian king Philip II made a determination to build a fortification on the hill above the lake.


Family package

Church of Saints Clement and Panteleimon

The Church of Saints Clement and Panteleimon is a Byzantine church situated on Plaošnik in Ohrid, North Macedonia. It is attributed to Saint Clement of Ohrid, a disciple of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius. Archaeologists have come to believe that the church is located on the site where the first students of the Glagolitic alphabet were taught into the First Bulgarian Empire


THE Robevi Family HOuse

The Robevi House is a famous and historic building in Ohrid, North Macedonia. It was built in its current state in 1863–1864 by Todor Petkov from a village Gari near Debar. Today the house is a protected cultural monument and belongs to the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and National Museum. 

Robev Family House
13 Church of St Sophia


Church of Saint Sophia

The Church of Saint Sophia is a church in Ohrid, North Macedonia. The church is one of the most important monuments of North Macedonia, housing architecture and art from the Middle Ages.


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