Kozuf is a mountain located on the border between Macedonia and Greece. Highest peak Kozuf is top Zelenbeg 2176 meters high. The slopes Kozuv is Konopiste village which was the only municipality in Macedonia whose head office is located mountain Kozuv. The highest areas are developed the source Crest rivers: Doshnica, Boshava, Blashtica .Mountain Kozuf covers an area of 1000 square kilometers of the territory of the two countries (Macedonia and Greece). At the borders of the Republic of Macedonia, Kozuf covers a territory of 80 percent and the remaining 20 percent are in the territory of the Republic of Greece.



Mountain Kozuf abounds with a huge water potential, from which rise numerous rivers. Mountaineers and mountain lovers Doshnica River is one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in Macedonia. From the source under Green berg to flow into the Vardar has any industrial facility that pollutes. It is the cleanest river in which they live-trout, chub, cancer and others. On, Kozuf persisted, Lynx as a rare and protected species.
Today, only 210 km from Skopje and 130 km from Thessaloniki area of 2,000 hectares, Kozuf is the newest ski resort in Macedonia, whose construction began in the” 2001” and today we have the opportunity to enjoy one of the latestski equipment in Macedonia. The Centre is the most modern equipped and has excellent conditions for skiing. Currently, it has two ski lifts with a capacity to carry 3,000 skiers per hour to the top of the tram, a Six that only one of its kind in the Balkans, a restaurant, a sheepfold, 16 suites and 16 km of ski paths. This center is unique in the country, which has artificial snow equipment. Kozuf is an extremely specific mountain that stands apart from other mountains in Macedonia because it is the first natural barrier in Macedonia, directly exposed to the influences of the Mediterranean and continental climate waves from the Aegean Sea. The slopes of the mountain Kozuf is one of the most natural reserves of game in the Republic of Macedonia – Milisin, situated on 300 hectares of beech and oak forest. A reconstruction of villages, Konsko and Huma, indicate opportunities for promotion of rural tourism. On the slopes of the beautiful mountain Kozuf, there is natural spa “Smrdliva voda” where visitors can enjoy in the beautiful ambience, but also they can treat a number of diseases with known mineral water. It is hard to put into words the complete joy of winter snow cover, the challenge that comes from the pure nature and insatiable need to absorb it with all your senses.



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