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Canyon Matka

Canyon Matka


Canyon matka

Matka Canyon is one of the most beautiful places to visit in North Macedonia. This wonderful gem of nature is located only a short ride away from the capital and you can easily go there as a day trip from Skopje.

This spectacular place was actually not made by nature. In 1938 the dam was built on river Treska, creating the artificial lake surrounded by high mountains, the oldest lake of that kind in North Macedonia. The Matka Canyon covers the area of around 5,000 hectares. 20% of the plant species you can see here are endemic, meaning they can’t be found anywhere else. You can also see 77 kinds of butterflies in the area!

A Few Facts About Canyon Matka

There are also ten caves at Matka Canyon, the most popular one being Vrelo Cave. It was even included on the list of top 77 natural sites of the world in the New 7 Wonders of the World project.

Why Visit Canyon Matka?

If the exceptional beauty of Matka Canyon is not enough for you there are a few more reasons to visit the place.

This is one of the most popular recreational areas near Skopje, attracting both locals and visitors all year long. You can do here numerous activities, like hiking, fishing or kayaking. You can also find some old monasteries in the area.

But the main reason to visit Matka Canyon is to see how big wonder of nature it is.




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