On the edge of Pelister’s National Park

Village Brajcino

The village of Brajchino is situated 6 km from Lake Prespa in a valley on the edge of Pelister’s National Park. It is a perfect location for combining outdoor activities on the mountain with the leisure of the lake.

The village has maintained its traditional character and an intimate link with its surroundings. Brajchino is a mountain village (at an altitude of about 1000 m. above sea level) disturbed only by the roaring sound of the local river and by the evening winds rustling through the trees. Occasionally you may hear a dog barking, a cock crowing or a cow-bell ringing.

The village attractions and services have been developed by the eco -tourism project together with the inhabitants of Brajchino. Direct contact with the local people and their hospitality makes your stay in Brajchino a unique experience.The village has a mountain nature trail leading from the village to Golemo Ezero atop Baba Mountain. The trail links Prespa Lake with Pelister National Park and provides good views of the mountains.Brajchino is also home to a centuries’ old monastery named St. Petka, and every August 7th and 8th there is a celebration for it. There are also five other churches inside the village: St. Bogorodica, which is located in a cave high up on a mountain; St. Ilja, the village’s first school; St. Atanas, said to be built on the spot of an older monastery destroyed by the Turks; St. Arangel, located high in the mountains; and St. Nikola.The village is also known for its architecture.


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