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According to the first version, Berovo got its name from a cattle breeder called Bero. An argument for this is the existence of the so-called Berovo meadow, in the area between the villages Mačevo and Robovo, which is considered to belong to this breeder. Located in the eastern part of Macedonia, Berovo is a small town near the Maleshevo Mountains on elevation of roughly 900 metres above sea level. Allowing you to arrive only via asphalt road, this town greats you with the feeling that you are entering an elite natural resort which, if nothing else, is hidden far from the dynamic and stressful modern world. The road itself is quite scenic, for much of the time it is following the Canyon of Bregalnica River. As you sense the gradual drop in temperature along with continual elevation, your mindset shifts irresistibly away from noise and distraction. Excellent for cycling, this road takes you through rich flora, and is worth visiting by itself.

Monastery Berovo - Hotel

Located in the Maleshevo Mountain region, just 11 m from the Monastery of St. Archangel Michael, Hotel Manastir Berovo features a restaurant and bar with a summer terrace, spa facilities, a fitness room and sports facilities, as well as a children’s outdoor pool. Free WiFi and parking are provided.

Monastery Berovo


Hotel Aurora


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